Even though Buffy the Vampire Slayer turned 20 this year around Halloween I find myself pulling out the Buffy The Vampire Slayer DVD’s and sitting back and having a good time with Buffy and the Scoobies.


Halloween episodes were made every two seasons beginning with Season 2, “Halloween”, Season 4, “Fear Itself”, and Season 6, “All the Way”.  Even though “Buffy vs. Dracula” is not a Halloween episode, I had to include it.  The episode is about Dracula after all, and it is one of the most hilarous episodes the writers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer created.

Halloween: Season 2, Episode 6

The episode begins at school with Buffy, Xander, and Willow being handed their list of kids they will escort on Halloween for trick or treating by Principal Snyder. We learn from Giles that despite the fact that we have grown up on the lore of Halloween night being for witches, ghosts and goblins, it is quite the contrary, the ghoulish all tend to stay in hiding on this night and therefore the Slayer is not needed for patrolling and protecting Sunnydale on All Hallows’ Eve. Also, going on at school that day is a confession to Willow by Buffy that Buffy often wonders what the girls were like back in Angels time and how beautiful the girls must have been all dressed up in their gowns.

After school Buffy, Xander and Willow go costume shopping at a new costume shop in town. As Buffy and Xander are talking, Buffy walks off completely mesmerized by a gown she sees. Of course the merchant of the store offers the gown to Buffy at a price she can’t refuse for ‘the gown has found the perfect girl’. Willow settles on a ghost costume and Xander picks up a toy army gun to go with his fatigues he is planning to wear.

Buffy and Ethan Rayne 


Buffy and Willow get ready on Halloween, Buffy admires herself in the dress, feeling like an 18th Century girl and wonders how Angel will like her in the gown. On the other hand Willow has to be encouraged by Buffy to discard the ghost costume and to wear the scantily clothed costume telling Willow, “that the cool thing about Halloween is you can dress up and be who whatever you want.’ As Xander arrives in his soldier costume, Buffy greets him at the door and our lovely Willow comes down the stairs in her ghost costume.

Willow in her costume Buffy chooses for her
Willow in her Ghost costume

Buffy, Willow, and Xander head back to school to meet up with their groups they will be taking out trick or treating for the evening.

Principal Snyder giving Buffy the run-down for Halloween
Oz and Willow pass each other

As the gang takes their groups of kids trick or treating some dark magic has also been cast. As the magic spell begins to hit the town Willow is with her group of kids and within seconds they begin to behave like real little monsters and run off leaving Willow looking down upon her ghost costumed body wondering if she really is a ghost.

Is Willow really a Ghost?

Everything goes crazy, Willow finds Xander shooting at creatures and Buffy screaming like a girl and scared to death of what is going on. Willow approaches them and begins to question Buffy and Xander as to what is happening and she soon realizes Buffy and Xander have some kind of amnesia and have no idea who they are and believe they really are the characters of their costumes. Willow heads them over to Buffy’s where they can find protection. As Buffy begins to look around the room she notices pictures of the three friends and becomes more confused and frightened.

18th Century Girl Buffy and Soldier Xander

Willow, Buffy and Xander hear all kinds of yelling and fighting going on outside the Summers home.  Xander stands guard and when he hears a girl screaming he runs out to save her.  He return to Buffy’s with Cordelia dressed as a cat.  Willow realizes Cordelia knows who she is and begins to explain to Cordelia that Buffy and Xander do not know who they are, Angel arrives to help out and Willow sets out to find Giles.


Willow ‘poofs’ through the wall of the library making Giles jump and she quickly explains to him what is happening.  Willow and Giles figure out that Cordelia had purchased her costume from another Halloween Shop which only lead to one explanation, that the Halloween Shop where Buffy, Willow and Xander bought their costumes had to have something to do with what was happening in Sunnydale.  They take off to the Halloween Shop.

Meanwhile, Spike and the other vampires have figured out what is going on and decide to go after Buffy. Soon the Summers house is under attack. When Buffy witnesses Angel vamp face while he is fighting she is immediately frightened and runs off into the night. Cordelia, Angel and Soldier Xander take off in pursuit

Giles and Willow reach the Halloween Shop and confront the man responsible for the spell, Ethan Rayne-an old pal of Giles from back in his school days. Buffy has been cornered by Sike in an alley and just when it looks like the end for the slayer, Buffy jumps up and states to Spike, “Honey I’m Home”.

Giles has managed to break the spell, turning everyone back into who they are and Halloween is saved.

Finally, Buffy and the gang are once again with their assigned group of kids, balance has been restored in Sunnydale and everything is good.

btvs-who-is-that-girl-halloween-season2-ep6Willow heads home carrying her ghost costume and as she is crossing the street the guy in the van at the stop sign once more admiringly questions ‘Who is that girl”?

Sometimes I think I watch the whole episode just so I can see this scene-it is one of my favorite scenes in the series. I believe this is the third time 0z has run into Willow and wonders who she is. Love it!

Fear Itself:  Season 4, Episode 4


The gangs are all at Xander’s carving Halloween pumpkins and Buffy just isn’t a happy girl, she even wants to patrol on Halloween, knowing the monsters are at bay on Halloween.  She takes off to Giles apartment to see what his thoughts are on her patrolling only to find Giles dressed up for Halloween with candy to hand out to trick or treaters.



Xander and Oz head over to a fraternity house that will be hosting a Halloween party later that night.  The fraternity brothers are in need of Oz’s help with the sound system. As Oz is setting up the system the faternity brothers ask if him and Xander will be attending the party and Oz replies that they will.  The faternity brothers have painted a symbol on the floor of the attic with no idea of what it may invoke.  As Oz is fixing a wire he cuts himself and a small amount of blood drops onto the symbol.

Willow talks Buffy into going to the fraternity Halloween party and Xander asks Anya if she would like to attend.  Anya tells Xander she will meet him at the party later after she figures out what costume she is going to wear.

Willow, Oz, Buffy and Xander meet up and head to the Halloween party.  Upon entering the fraternity house they realize the frat brothers have turned it into a sprawling haunted house and as they journey through the house the gang hears screams. All of a sudden the house changes, fake spiders become real spiders and fall on Willow, fake bats become real flying down the hall and Buffy finds real blood on the floor. Their worst fears start to become real.  Willow’s fear of Buffy not accepting her as a witch, Oz’s fear of not being able to control the wolf in him, Buffy’s fear of not being able to protect her friends and Xander’s fears that he is just invisible to the gang and is no worth to them.

Buffy as Little Red Riding Hood and Xander as James Bond
Willow as Joan of Arc and Oz as God


Meanwhile, as Anya comes up to the fraternity house in her bunny costume the doors and windows of the house become sealed and Anya cannot enter.  She quickly goes to Giles for help.  Giles and Anya head back to the faternity house and Giles makes an entrance with a chain saw.  Buffy has realized what is happening and is trying to find Xander, Willow and Oz as they have all become separated.  Finally they all wind up in the attic with Giles and Anya appearing too.  Giles sees the symbol and informs the gang what demon has been hailed.  As the demon shows itself the gang begins laughing because the demon is so tiny.  Our fearless slayer smashes the demon with her foot and the spell is broken.

Anya”s worst fear-Bunies!
Fear Demon Gachnar


Buffy vs. Dracula:  Season 5, Episode 1

This is one of my favorite episodes and it is wickedly funny.  From Buffy’s first encounter with Dracula in the cemetery to Giles falling into the pit with the Three Sisters and finally to Buffy turning Dracula into dust, again, and again, and yes, Buffy is standing right there Drac!

Buffy, Riley, Xander, Anya, Tara and Willow start their day off at the beach.  (In Buffy the Vampire Slayer there has not been before this episode, nor after, where Buffy and the gang are relaxing at the beach.  The importance of this little frolic to the beach is the fact that Buffy doesn’t get to relax much or get out of Sunnydale very often-the slayer needs a break.  Also within the episode there is no mention of just what beach the gang is at nor is it ever referenced in a BtVS episode that Sunnydale is close to the ocean or sits on the ocean.)  At last, Buffy’s fun doesn’t last long, it starts storming and the gang has to head back to Sunnydale where we next find Buffy, Xander and Willow out on patrol.

Then this happens:


Buffy meets Dracula himself.  Dracula tells Buffy he has come to Sunnydale to find out about this slayer he has heard of and Buffy is quite impressed that Dracula actually knows who she is.  As Willow and Xander come upon the conversation and Buffy tells them who is standing before them, Willow is taken aback, but not Xander he actually begins counting like “The Count” on Sesame Street til Buffy gets through to him that it really is Dracula.

Xander realizing it’s really Dracula



On the way home Xander discovers that Anya knows Dracula and has hung out with him, as Anya walks off to her apartment Xander is faced with the Count himself and is put under Dracula’s spell.



The next day as Willow, Buffy and Xander retell their encounter with Dracula to Giles, Tara and Riley, you can hear the admiration in Buffy and Willow’s voices.  Giles even wishes he had been there to have seen Dracula turn into a bat and fly off. While Buffy and Willow are talking about Dracula and how awesome he is, Xander’s responses to Dracula’s name become evident as he refers to Dracula as “Master”. Riley has become concerned that Buffy is under Dracula’s “Thrall” and Buffy reassures him she isn’t .  The gang come up with an okay plan to find Dracula.  (The scenes in Giles apartment are hilarious.)

Riley is not satisfied with Buffy’s response and in concern over Buffy he heads out to find Spike to get some information on Dracula. Spike warns Riley to stay away from Dracula due to Dracula being around for ages making him a very dangerous foe.

Later on that evening, Riley and Giles decide to find Dracula’s castle-courtesy of information learned from Spike. Xander, Buffy and Anya are at Xander’s where it was decided Buffy would be better protected from Dracula. Xander informs Buffy he must take her to his master as he shoves Anya into a closet and locks her in.

Buffy and Count Dracula

Riley, Giles, Xander and Buffy all wind up at Dracula’s castle and the episode gets funnier and funnier as Riley and Giles wander though the castle in search of Buffy. The battle begins between Buffy and Dracula.


Buffy Staking Dracula

In the end Buffy dusts Dracula-kinda-and Xander informs Riley, Buffy, and Giles he is tired of being everyone’s butt-monkey, Buffy replies, “Right, no more butt-monkey.”

No More Butt-Monkey

And at the very, very end someone shows up at Buffy’s house we haven’t seen before…..

Who Might This Be?


All the Way-Season 6, Episode 6

What I love about this episode is that it revolves around Dawn and pure teenage behavior.

The episode begins at the Magic Shoppe where Anya is skating around dressed as one of  Charlie’s Angels and Giles is merrily dressed as a Wizard,  The Magic Shoppe is busy due to Halloween and Anya is counting the money.  While everyone is present at the Magic Shoppe, Xander announces his and Anya’s engagement.

Anya as one of Charlie’s Angels
Anya and Xander Engaged

Buffy, Tara, Dawn and Willow head back to the Summers’ house to throw an engagement party for Anya and Xander.  Dawn has asked Buffy if she can spend the night at her friend, Janice’s house and Buffy gives her permission.  Dawn heads out to meet up with Janice and we find out, two older boys from school, Zack and Justin.  The foursome go about town spreading Halloween antics of smashing pumpkins and so on throughout the evening.  They have an encounter at one of the homes as Dawn is yanked into the home by the owner and the others go to save her.  The teens get out of that mess and head back to the car Zack has stolen.  Janice and Zack take a walk which leaves little Dawny with Justin and Dawn receives her first kiss, realizing Justin is a vampire as she feels the bumps on his lumpy forehead.  Dawn quickly gets out of the car.

Teens Out on a Halloween Night
Justin and Dawn

Meanwhile back at Buffy’s the phone rings and Giles answers only to discover it is Janice’s mother who is under the impression that Janice is spending the night with Dawn.  Giles informs the others that Dawn has tricked them as he and Buffy take off to find Dawn.  Buffy heads for Spike’s and after throwing Spike’s door open, Spike informs Buffy what the teens have been up too. Buffy grabs a crossbow and heads out with Spike following.


Giles is in the cemetery looking for Dawn and hears a girls screaming.  He runs towards the scream only to discover it is Janice and she has been bitten. Zack refers to Giles as “Grandpa” and Giles dusts Zack.  Buffy and Spike catch up to Giles and they all three find Dawn who is running from Justin.  Buffy immediately tears into Dawn about going out with boys you don’t know and that the boy could be bad or a vampire.  The sisters bicker back and forth with Dawn finally telling Buffy she didn’t know Justin was a vampire and that she liked him, and reminds Buffy that she dated Angel, who was a vampire.  The vampires circle around Giles, Spike, Dawn and Buffy and the fight is on.  Dawn is caught by Justin and knocked to the ground where Justin proceeds to try to bite Dawn.  Dawn dusts Justin with a crossbow arrow she had in her hand. Buffy, Giles and Spike fight off the rest of the vampires and we learn that little sister can fight vamps too!

Dawn About to be Vamp Bait


There you have it-Sweet Tea Gal’ s rundown of  Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Halloween episodes.



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