The old deck at my daughter’s house had began to show its age of 25+ years. Wear and tear from many years of foot traffic by my daughter, our family pets and my daughter’s friends as they traveled back and forth across the deck through childhood, teenage years and into young adulthood. That ole’ deck had seen many a year and it was time to replace it. My daughter came up with a great idea to build a Screened In Porch and a small deck in its place. What a great idea-why didn’t I think of that years ago.

My Daughter's House Old Deck
Picture of Old Deck of 20 Plus Years

My daughter and I looked at Pinterest for Screened In Porch ideas and found several we liked. My daughter decided on a design and a carpenter was contracted to build new screened-in porch and deck.

Once the design was chosen and the Screened In Porch was complete it was time to choose the perfect stain color.  Aaron and I looked at several different stain colors and chose a few colors we liked.  We purchased small cans of stain samples from Home Depot and tried samples out on old boards.

Behr’s Semi-Transparent Pewter on smaller board next to Behr’s Drift Grey
Behr’s Drift Grey

The color we liked the best and chose was Behr’s Semi-Transparent Pewter.  We thought this stain color would not only make the new Screened In Porch pop from the house exteriors light gray, but also bring out accent colors with her interior choices of furniture, cushions, pillows, and rustic fan blades Aaron planned to put inside the new screened in section.

Behr Semi Transparent Pewter Wood Stain
Stain Color Chosen!!

After three months the new wood had time to season a bit and it was ready to begin applying the wood stain.

My Daughter's House New Screened In Deck Behr Semi Transparent Pewter Stain Color
New Screened In Porch and Deck Stained-Love the Color!

Since Bailey is a Chocolate Lab who loves to play Frisbee and as soon as he catches his frisbee he makes a mad dash directly for the deck my daughter and I decided the area in front of the staircase could use a few pavers.  Aaron went out and chose the pavers and she thought would best fit in with color scheme of new porch and deck area.  My Dad, myself, Aaron, and her boyfriend, John-with a little help from Frisbee Boy-worked together and set the pavers in place.

My Daughter's House Building Pavers Bailey Play In Sand
Bailey Enjoying the Dirt
New Pavers

Finally the new Screened In Porch and Deck were complete and my daughter was able to place her deck furniture and decor. Aaron chose dark blue as her main color to blend with the stain color of  porch, she then accented with different color pineapple pillows and pineapple decor to add some pop to her color scheme. Lastly, my daughter chose to place Coolant Blinds over her windows to protect the furniture from sun fade and to give more warmth to the Screened In Porch during the winter. She also hung string lights with glass bulbs around inside the porch to give the screened in area a pretty glow when sitting out on the porch in the evening.

The Loveseat is from Joanna Gaines Furniture Collection and is Accented with Dark Blie Pineabble Pillows


String Lights added for a Pretty Glow at Night

My daughter is very pleased with the way her new Screened In Porch and Deck turned out. It is an extra bonus to her house especially when it rains or snows, Aaron can now let her dog in and out and has a place to dry him off. It also offers my daughter a nice place entertain guests. I know my daughter will get many years of enjoyment out of her new Screened In Porch.

Aaron can enjoy Living Life One Sweet Tea at a Time out on her new Screened In Porch!

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