The movie Hocus Pocus is a perfect way to plan, create, and carry out a themed party.  Last Halloween I decided this would be my theme due to the neighbor girls had never seen the movie and had asked if we could get together and watch it one evening before Halloween.  Once the girls had asked about the movie I set into motion to plan a Hocus Pocus Party for them which would include props, decorations, party foods, pumpkin carvings, activities for the girls to do with this theme, and for the last event to be the viewing of the movie.

I set out thinking of fun ways to create activities that teenage girls would enjoy and began my planning stages of props and decorations around my home to add some good old creepiness to the party.  After all the Sanderson Sisters weren’t exactly what you would call good witches, in fact they were quite the opposite.

For my first project I wanted to make some type of invitation that would reflect the theme.  I got onto pinterest and found a cute picture of the Sanderson Sisters that once downloaded would let me edit and create my own wording of date and time of party.  After I completed printing out the invitations I then cut them down and glued each invite to black stock paper and attached a ribbon.

Hocus Pocus Party-DIY Design by Kim Party Invite
Invitation Made for Hocus Pocus Movie Night

I didn’t want to mail the invitations since the girls lived right up the hill from me and I wanted a clever way to present the invitations to them. Faith and Grace were not aware I was throwing the party and I decided I was going to make each girl a broom to hang the invitations on.  The dogs and I went for a stroll out in our yard and field and found the perfect branches for the handle, the branches were long, knotted and sturdy.  I then gathered up smaller sticks and branches to construct the broom section.  I gathered the smaller branches up and took some jute twine and tied the branches together at the top of my bundle, next I took that section and tied it to the larger branch.  Next I took the jute twine and went around the area of the larger branch and where the small branches were tied to give it more of a broom look.  They really turned out great!  I attached each invitation to the brooms and while the girls were at school I went up to their house and placed each broom invite alongside their front door area.  Faith and Grace loved them, and used the DIY brooms for Halloween decorations at their house for the month of October.

Hocus Pocus Party-DYI Witches Broom with Hocus Pocus Party Invitation Attached
DIY Witch Brooms and Invitations

My next step was making out a list of supplies I would need.  Since we were doing a Hocus Pocus theme and the movie is about witches I thought it would be really cute for the girls to design and create their own witch hats to wear while we watched the movie. I also found on pinterest a cute DIY of floating witch hats to hang up as decorations. As I was picking up some of the craft supplies I would need I lucked out and found at Target in their $1.00 to $5.00 bins a package of wall decals with Hocus Pocus on them for $3.00-what a deal.  When I got home I had to hang the decals up to see what they would look like and they were perfect.

Once I got the decals on the wall everything started coming together with how I would decorate the house. I decided on printing out Hocus Pocus spells and quotes from the different characters in the movie, frame and hang them along the Hocus Pocus decals.  I also thought it would be fun to print out the History of the Sanderson Sisters that is shown in the movie in the Sanderson Sisters museum.  I took my various print outs that I made in different sizes and placed them into frames I got at the Dollar Tree Store.  The History of the Sanderson Sisters I placed on a board and decoupaged it and added a bit of glitter to it to jazz it up.  Then I got to thinking about the main character behind the whole story of the movie-Binx the cat.  Binx had been turned into a cat by the sisters when he had come to their cottage to attempt to save his little sister-which went terribly wrong-and poor Thackeray Binx would remain a cat who could not die for over a hundred years.  I found a print out of a cat and cut it out placing it on an 8×10 piece of board.  Next I painted the board orange then traced the cat onto the board and used black glitter to be the cat’s body. I found some black glitter letter stickers and used the calling of Binx by his little sister, “Thackeray Binx where are you…” as my quote.  My next decoration had to be nothing less than the spell the Sanderson Sisters placed on Thackery Binx and I printed that out and hung it above Binx’s picture.

The spell the Sanderson Sisters cast onto Thackeray to turn him into a cat.

I had really gotten on a roll by this time with ideas and thought I needed something to hang on the coat rack since I had placed the spell, Binx and Sanderson Sister History in that part of my foyer.  I went back to the Dollar Tree and picked up 3 witches hats and hung them on the hooks of the coat rack along with a black cape I already had.  I knew Grace, over the past couple of Halloween’s loved the couple of spell bottles I had made so while I was at the Dollar Tree I picked up a few more.  I also found at Target lab jars and beakers and thought these would be cute to use too.  I took my different bottles and jars and placed spooky spell ingredient labels on them then filled some with colored dye and others with ashes from our wood burning stove and even used some crushed up color rocks I had found at the Dollar Tree.  On Pinterest I found some Sanderson Sister ingredient labels and decoupaged a couple of these onto the bottles.

Hocus Pocus Party-DYI Witches Potion Jars
Spell Bottles

The Black Flame Candle is a major part of the movie and once Max lights it the whole sha-bang begins I wanted to come up with a way to make it or even better let Faith and Grace make one too.  I found the Black Candle warning on Pinterest and copied it down, then typed it onto shiny stock paper and printed this out.  I went back to the Dollar Tree and found the high jars with the candles in them and used the candle jar to wrap the warning of the Black Candle Flame around it using decoupage, then took jute twine and wrapped it around a few times at the top of jar to make it older looking.  My Black Flame Candle looked pretty good.

Hocus Pocus Party-DIY Black Flame Candle Designed by Kim
DIY Black Flame Candle

By this time I was really getting into this whole party theme idea and begin to think how I could decorate outdoors with this same theme going on.  I brainstormed a bit and came up with three ideas for the outside.  First I made a Sanderson Sister sign to hang on my front door.  I did this with a pallet board, painted it pumpkin orange and then placed ‘Sanderson Cottage’ on the pallet board with black stick on letters.  I used a large, thick jute rope for the hangar.  Secondly, I got out my big boards, painted them black, then went to my computer and found a font I could use which was thick enough to be traced around on to the boards.  Using the ‘Back to the Future’ font and enlarging it I printed out letters to spell Hocus Pocus.  I sanded the boards down a bit after the paint dried to give the boards an old look then I traced Hocus onto one board and Pocus onto another, painted the letters orange, took some purple and orange glitter into my hands to sprinkle onto the boards, then sprayed each board with a matte sealer.  I placed boards alongside my front door and added pumpkins around them.  I also got a Dollar Tree pumpkin and cut a straight line down the back of the pumpkin, cut off the handles and wrapped it around my porch light.  Easy!

Sanderson Cottage Sign
Hocus Pocus Signs Out Front
Hocus Pocus Party Porch Decor-Hocus Pocus Signs Created by Kim
Hocus Pocus Signs on Porch Area-DIY Plastic Pumkin Light Cover

My third idea for outdoor decorations was the biggest endeavor-I decided to make a cemetery area due to in the movie several scenes take place there.  I knew I would have to have a Billy Bones tombstone since Billy is brought back by Winifred to aid in getting those kids and her spell book.  I looked up Billy’s tombstone and wrote down what was on it, searched out the Sanderson Sisters gravestone and wrote it down.  I used old plywood boards I had and styrofoam boards I had gotten at Dollar Tree to make the gravestones, sprayed the plywood and boards with Krylon Natural Stone in Granite Gray, and painted my letters onto the gravestones. Just to add a bit more Hocus Pocus magic to the graveyard scene I took a piece of pallet board, painted it a creepy orange and painted “Come Little Children”, (Sarah’s song to call the children in the movie), onto the board.

Hocus Pocus Party-DYI Graveyard Scene and Grave Stones-Created by Kim

To decorate downstairs I placed the floating witches hats over my table and placed a witch tablecloth down. I had purchased each of the girls a black plastic witches cauldron from the Dollar Tree and decorated the cauldrons with their names and ribbons then added candy into each cauldron. I also placed Halloween Treats, plus witch plates, cups and napkins onto the table. Both faith and Grace love Butterbeer, from the Harry Potter Series, and I mixed up a batch of this to serve.

Hocus Pocus Party-DYI Witch Cauldron Party Favor-Created by Kim
Cauldrons I Made for Treat


Upstairs in the kitchen I laid down a Halloween orange and black striped tablecloth for our crafts we would be doing and I printed out a “Pumpkin Carving” sign, placed it on a pumpkin and stuck pumpkin carving materials into the pumpkin.

Hocus Pocus Party-Pumpkin Carvin Table Set Up
Ready to Carve Pumpkins

Menu Plan For the Evening:

White Chicken Chili

Jack-O-Latern Quesadillas


Pillsberry Chocolate Crescent Witch Hats



The day for the Hocus Pocus Movie Night had finally arrived.  Grace and Faith came over to the house in the afternoon and loved all the decorations outside and inside the house. We began our afternoon with crafting our witch hats.  On the craft table I had spools of tulle in different colors, assorted ribbon colors, silver stud stick on’s and plastic spiders. The girls went to work on their hats and the witch hats they created were so cute!

Hocus Party-Our DYI Witch Hats-Faith-Garce-Kim
Our Witch Hats-So Cute!

Next we made our Black Flame Candles and then it was time to carve pumpkins.  Faith, Grace and I have been carving Halloween pumpkins together since they were young.  It all started when I first moved to Missouri and had met their sister Aubrey who was six years old at the time, the twins were just babies. When Aubrey was old enough to carve pumpkins I began inviting her down to my house and we would make a day of it carving pumpkins and watching fun halloween movies. As Faith and Grace grew older they also became included into the annual pumpkin carving and movie time at my house.  It was a fun tradition to start with my neighbors and we continued this for years till this year when I moved back to Kentucky.

Hocus Pocus Party-Pumpkin Carving Decor
Faith Pumpking Carving and Eating Pumpkin Seeds

After Faith, Grace and I finished our pumpkin carving we cleaned up our crafting area and began to fix our snacks.  We used a cookie cutter pumpkin shape for the quesadilla’s and cut out the shapes from tortillas.  Next we warmed up some cut up chicken and ground some hamburger meat.  Placed our tortillas in oven to warm up and when they were ready we added our toppings of cheese, salsa, and sour cream.  The girls mom, Laurie, who is also my dearest of friends came down after work and joined us for supper and the rest of our festivities.  After we ate we mixed up another batch of butterbeer and made our dessert of Chocolate Crescent Witch Hat-still staying with the theme of the night-to munch on while we watched Hocus Pocus.

Before we started Hocus Pocus it was time to light our pumpkins and set them outside.

2016 Pumpkins by Faith-Grace-Kim

The girls, Laurie and I donned our new witch hats and throughly enjoyed watching the movie while enjoying our butterbeer and chocloate witch hats.

Hocus Pocus Party-Movie Time with DYI Witch Hats and Pumpkins Carved
Faith, Me and Grace in our Witch Hats we Designed and Ready to Watch Hocus Pocus!
Hocus Pocus Party-Faith Snap Caht-4th Sanderson Sister
Faith is the 4th Sanderson Sister

Faith and Grace loved the movie Hocus Pocus and afterwards we hung our witch hats up in the foyer to add to the Hocus Pocus theme.

Hocus Pocus Party-Designed DYI Witches Hats Created by Faith-Grace-Kim

The Hocus Pocus Movie Night was loads of fun and Faith and Grace, Laurie and I had a great time spending the day together!


Print outs I used for Hocus Pocus Themed Movie Night-Print outs and recipes can also be found on Sweet Tea Gals Pinterest Page-www.pinterest.com/sweetteagals/:

Hocus Pocus Silhouette I Used To Make Invitations


Black Cat Sihouette Used For Binx Picture


Sanderson Sister History

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