Panama City Beach is where my family heads each summer for a week of sun and fun! This year was no exception even with a little Tropical Storm named Cindy blowing in and keeping us out of the ocean for a few days. This is after all my happy place!  I could live near the ocean and still never get enough of its beauty.  There is nothing like strolling along the beach while the waves hit your feet or spending the day relaxing on the beach in a lounge chair, reading a good book and watching the waves roll in.

My daughter had already been down in Panama City Beach for a week for a bachelorette party and stayed a few days extra with her chocolate lab, Bailey.  Bailey had never experienced the beach life and apparently he is not fond of it-too hot.  After this trip I believe Bailey has decided he prefers to be a home-boy.

Aaron and Bailey PCB 2017
Aaron and Bailey chillin on the beach!
Bailey PCB June 2017 2
Bailey Boy taking a walk in the alongside the ocean!

After Aaron returned back home to Kentucky she had to turn around and head right back to PCB with myself and her grandpa.  My family has been vacationing down in Destin and Panama City Beach for over 15 years and we love it.  Our resort sits right on the ocean and from the living room, balcony and bedroom we have a oceanside view.  I love waking up each morning with nothing but white sand and ocean in front of me-it really is an amazing sight to see.

This year was an exception to our normally hot, sunny days at the beach when a Tropical Storm named Cindy decided to blow in. We had only been down to PCB one day and got a few hours of beach time on Monday, then came Tropical Storm Cindy.  Rain! Rain! Rain! All the years we have been coming down to Panama City Beach we have never experienced the constant downpour of rain.  The ocean waves shifted quickly and began to have huge white caps coming into shore, the pool area was closed-this has never happened-and before too much longer two red flags were posted along the beach along with constant beach patrol driving up and down yelling at people to stay out of the water.  What made me shake my head a bit was the fact that the red flags are posted, the waves that are coming in shore are white-capped and moving quickly back out-undertow is strong-but you still had people getting in the ocean, not only getting in but going out waist deep.  Not smart people.  PCB Beach Patrol were kept quite busy for a couple of days and they did an incredible job making sure all the tourists up and down the beach were safe.

PCB 2017-Two Red Flags-No Getting in Ocean 6-21-17
Two Red Flags Flying No One Allowed In Ocean!
Pool Closed-Never Seen This Before
Waves Coming in from Storm
Shell Hunting

We had a couple of days out of the ocean and very little pool time but there is always something to do in Panama City Beach. Aaron and I spent time shopping at Pier Park, watched movies on DVD, and waited till Cindy decided to leave.

Finally! Tropical Storm Cindy has passed and the sun has once again begun to shine.

Aaron Leaps for Joy
Aaron and the Turd Float
My daughter out enjoying the ocean


Big Foot has arrived
Panama City Beach

Of course a trip to Panama City Beach would not be complete without heading over to Pineapple Willy’s restaurant and Bar.  Great place to go for families and you can’t beat the ocean view sitting out on the deck while enjoying a meal.  Pineapple Willy’s is usually very busy, waiting time for a table out on the deck can be to an hour or longer in the evenings.  We have discovered going for lunch or an early dinner has solved the long waiting time and attempting to find a parking spot.



My dad, daughter and I truly enjoyed our time resting and relaxing even if it wasn’t at the beach and pool everyday we were there, all in all, it was a fun vacation!

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