This May, myself, my bestie and partner in Sweet Tea Gals, Lori, her son, and my Aunt Judy boarded the beautiful cruise ship Carnival Fantasy. We were on this cruise due to my cousin, Keiton, being a member of the group, ShowStoppers of Southeast Missouri, who would be performing three shows aboard The Carnival Fantasy.

ShowStoppers of Southeast Missouri

ShowStoppers of Southeast Missouri is a singing and dance group made of teens ranging from 7th grade to 12th, under the direction of Mrs. MaryRuth Boone.  The ShowStoppers begin to practice for their summer performances in the fall and continue practicing till its Show Time. Needless to say, this is quite a commitment on the part of the performers and their families, and these young teens work this hard because they share a love for music, love to sing, and love to perform. The group’s director, Mrs. Boone, plans out the theme of the show for each year as well as the music selections, choreography,  costumes and what the show will entail. I have to say-she is one awesome lady!

ShowStoppers performing at The Forum, In second picture that’s my cousin, Keiton singing a solo!

I had not seen any of the practices or the performance the group held at their home base before the cruise, and I was delightfully surprised with the show. Outstanding! ShowStoppers blew me away! Their show consisted of music from Broadway hits of ‘Jersey Boys’ and ‘Mama Mia’ and all of these young people were so talented in voice and performance. They were great!

One of my favorite pictures taken! Mrs. Boone directing The ShowStoppers from her seat!

What I didn’t expect was the dance and song numbers to be so outstanding and so much fun to watch. You couldn’t help but find yourself singing along to these great songs, and listening to the solos and dance routines given by these young artists was fantastic!

ShowStoppers perform in the Universal Lounge

The group preformed three shows aboard the ship. They began their first two performances in a smaller venue, The Forum, and with the first performance it was mostly family members and a few passengers who came on in to watch the show. By the second show the audience increased in numbers and by their third show the group performed in the largest theater, The Universal Lounge. Through word of mouth by passengers who had already seen the show and as passengers heard the music and singing coming from the lounge more and more passengers came on in to catch the performance.   The Universal Lounge seats were full and the audience throughly enjoyed themselves. The ShowStoppers were definitely a hit!  They even had several passengers come for repeat performances and one couple who didn’t miss any of the three shows. Outstanding!

The couple pictured with The ShowStoppers never missed a performance! They attended all three shows!

These young teens were as good or better as the shows that normally perform aboard the cruise ship. Their youth and exuberance was contagious and the pure joy the group displayed during their performances was undeniable-the audience loved it. They absolutely danced and sang their way into the hearts of the passengers aboard The Fantasy.

As Always-Enjoy Life One Sweet Tea at Time and add some great music to go along with your day!

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