I have no other word other than AMAZING for my experience and how I felt watching the solar eclipse.  In Kentucky we got quite a show, the eclipse began around 11:10 am in south central Kentucky, with a very small black space beginning to cover the sun. 

Of course we had our special eye ware on:

Me with my ‘OH SO COOL’ solar glasses taking a look at the Eclipse

My Daughter and Dad with their eye ware on. Check out my Daughter’s shirt and what it says…
Even Bailey Boy got in on the action with his special doggie glasses

Over the next couple hours my daughter, dad and I would check out the progression of the eclipse. Around 1:10 pm we could see that it was getting a bit dimmer in the backyard and sure enough right on cue for our area, at 1:25 pm we had totality.

Truly an experience to behold. Watching through the glasses we saw the darkness creeping closer over the sun as the moon was passing and to watch that one little last flicker of light and then, Bam!, to witness total darkness over the sun was amazing. We took our glasses off so we could view the backyard and sure enough we were in the dark, the temperature had dropped and the humidity was gone. 

But just as all good things must come to an end, this moment in time went too quickly. Just like the last bit of sunlight poked through before totality, so was our moment of the moon fully covering the sun. Within seconds we realized it was already starting to lighten again in the yard and as I put my glasses back on the moon was in motion and the sunlight began peeking through again. 

I went back out one more time around 2:00 pm and the moon was still partly over the sun but the heat of the day was back along with the birds and squirrels out in the yard again. What fun to anticipate and watch the eclipse as the moon made its way over the sun and to share it with your family, it is a moment that will always be remembered.

Just Livin’ Life One Sweet Tea at a Time with a Total Eclipse of the Heart over Kentucky!

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