The Kentucky Derby is scheduled the first Saturday in May each year.  It is a spectacular event to behold and the fastest two minutes in sports.  There is nothing like watching those beautiful horses coming out of the gate and heading down the race track.

Celebrate and join in the fun of the Kentucky Derby and host a Kentucky Derby Party or BBQ for your family and friends.

Begin your party with a betting game-what a way to keep in the spirit of the derby-have each guest place a dollar bet on their favorite horse to win the race and whichever horse wins the Kentucky Derby that guest will get the jackpot, if you have two guests bet on the same horse that wins then you split the pot.

The Kentucky Derby takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY and it’s an option you should have available for your guests to drink-Sweet Tea!  You gotta do as we southerners do and we love our sweet tea- plus the fact it just happens to be the name and theme of this blog.

If you are really planning to get into the spirit of the Kentucky Derby Mint Julep’s have to be on the drinking menu too. Mint Julep’s are a staple of the Kentucky Derby and have been served at the derby since the 1930’s.  I read the other day on the Kentucky Derby website that over 120,000 Mint Julep’s are served each day of the Derby Festival.  That’s amazing!

The Original Mint Julep Recipe Served at the Kentucky Derby

For Derby Delights and other food ideas for your get together visit The Kentucky Derby website where they have provided fabulous recipes for staple foods served at the Kentucky Derby each year and for other fun, delicious food and drinks.

Photos courtesy of The Kentucky Derby

In the true spirit of the Kentucky Derby there must be hats!  Beautiful or not the ladies and gentleman goers who attend the Derby come wearing all kinds of fancy hats.  Below is a DIY for making derby hats:

DIY Kentucky Derby Hats

Items you will need:

1. Hats for Each of your Guests

  • Check out garden and beach hats at your nearest Dollar Tree or Dollar Store
  • Grab some Bowlers or Top Hats for the Gents

2. Variety of Ribbon Colors and Cute Objects to Place on Hats

  • Solid ribbon colors work best
  • Purchase at your nearest Dollar Tree

3. Artificial Flowers-Don’t Forget the Roses

  • Purchase artificial flowers at Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Wal-Mart

4. Variety of Glitter Colors to Offer that Guest Who Loves to Sparkle

5. Glue Gun or Clear Elmer’s Glue

6. Vinyl Table Cloth

  • Purchase a Solid Colored Vinyl Cloth at Dollar Tree

7. Pick up a couple inexpensive, fun prizes to use for Hat Contest


Spread vinyl table-cloth down on table to protect your table and to make cleaning up faster, Next let each guest choose a hat design and let them decorate hats anyway they choose using assortment of flowers, ribbon and glitter.

This is a great in between activity to do and keep every one busy while waiting for the race to begin.  After everyone is finished and before the race begins have a contest for most gaudiest hat and prettiest hat. Give winners a fun, cute prize!

Have Fun!

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