For my first blog I thought I would share the project I just finished working on. It so happens to be at my daughter’s house and I was doing the ‘mom’ thing of-I couldn’t take the clutter anymore so I am going to fix it.  I realize this is my daughter’s home but it had to be done.

Messy Dining Room Table
Dining Room Table Disaster!
As you can see we got a bit of clutter going on here. Oh my!

My daughter lives in the house she grew up in and when she graduated from college the house became hers. She has done some updating with paint colors and remodeling the master bath. My daughter also has bought new furniture for the living and dining room to reflect her style. She has good taste. But the beautiful dining room table was always full of whatever was in her hands at the time of her walking in the door and then dropping it onto the table. Bad habit.

Dining Room Corner Clutter
Cozy Corner-I don’t think so!
This picture shows the other cluttered area in the dining room where her dog Bailey’s outside toys and kennel cage were sitting along with basketball and softball equipment. My daughter has played both sports all her life and played college basketball for University of Toledo and Lee University. The sports equipment has always been a part of her life and this house. I just needed to rethink where it needed to go, and it needed to go.

I started by gathering all her sports equipment from basketballs, softballs, softball shoes, bats and glove as well as her basketball shoes, knee and ankle braces and removed them from the room temporarily. Then I got to work on Bailey’s dog kennel cage which had been stacked with his toys, park and ball field back pack, and towels. I cleared the dog cage off and collapsed it down, took it out to shed and it is no longer taking up good space. Next I brought in a basket and put the dog towels nice and neatly into it and set it on the bench by the back door. I cleaned up Bailey’s doggie backpack and hung on the coat rack by the back door. Makes more sense to me.

Next I brought over an old bench I had repainted last summer, placed it in the garage and took a tote and put all the ball shoes in it and hauled it out to sit on the bench. My daughters softballs I put in a basket and placed it on the garage bench and then I took the bats and placed them in a cute bucket she had. The bat bags I took over and put on the bench by her back door till we get some hooks and place them in garage over the garage bench.

Next step I brought over a cute console I had and placed it on the back wall. The console has drawers which allowed me to put her camera equipment in a drawer and her mail and folders she into another drawer. Aha! The dining room table is now clear and now you can see my daughter’s cute tray she placed as a centerpiece.

Isn’t it a beautiful table? Woo-Hoo!

Next step was decor for the console. I brought over an arch I just love and had nowhere to hang in my dads house and brought over gray colored candle sticks with beach colored candles. I hung the arch above the console and it looks great with her paint color. I then moved her wooden mail holder onto console and placed a spring colored candle next to it. Last but not least I added a grayish color frame to go along with the color scheme of decor.

Looks pretty good! My daughter was pleased with the results and now she has a beautiful console with cute decor, a beautiful dining room table she can use to work from or for meals. Plus she gained some room by removing the dog’s kennel cage which Bailey hadn’t used since he was 6 months old. A quick rearranging of towels into a cute basket placed by the back door makes it more efficient when drying the dog off or wiping his paws. All in all it was a good afternoon spent making life flow better for my daughter.

Bailey the Frisbee Boy

That’s Bailey!

My next project, along with my daughter is coming up. We are choosing stain colors for her new screened in porch and placing new pavers at bottom of the deck stairs, which we will have to plan out a design for. Sounds like fun! I will post our results soon.

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